The Northeast Precast Design Scholarship is making a difference in the life of a talented and motivated NJIT student.

"Thanks to this scholarship I was able to put more into my designs this semester and push each project a little bit further than I normally would have considering the usual material limitations. I was also prompted to reflect more on my 3D design work and how I could better my work to reach its full potential" - Aleksandra Czyrsznic, C'20, Major: Architecture

Residential Precast Foundation Solutions

  • Installed in Hours & All Year-round
  • Green & Efficient Design for Lower Energy Costs
  • Ready to Finish - Pre-Studded, Pre-Insulated, with Prefabricated Steel Stud Face and Wire Chase Holes for Electrical and Plumbing
  • 5000+ PSI for Durability & Strength
  • Custom Design Flexibility
  • Quality Controlled Manufacturing

On time. On budget.

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